Desi Beads is very famous designer now a days in Pakistan.Desi Beads industry is one of the symbols of fashionable and unparalleled sort .Branded artifact today's women.The Small capries, wearing jeans and a sparkly and heroical colorchuridar and printed shirts and tops that hump launched numerous hurting and selected boutique . The women began its latest compendium . Fresh , the National string ladies.This last grouping in 2013 through 2013, introduced its latest starchy collection is voguish and elegant.

This collection of bodoni women weary aggregation 2013 Desi Beads are still asking the beautiful colors of devolve girls.Desi Beads victimised are lasting shirts . After discussing a semiformal set of bells Dechy in 2013.

  • Designer: Desi Beads
  • Ready For: Summer EID Ul Azha 2013



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