When you think cat eye glasses you think sexy librarian and the 1960's.  These glasses are made of pure vintage essence.  Their style is well known for the raised frames that embrace the elegance of a feline.  These glasses were work with collared shirts and full skirts.  The style was what you would wear to town to see the opera or catch a show at the theatre.  Now you can get this design in cat eye sunglasses.The cool thing about these cat-eyed sunglasses is you can make them into polarized sunglasses. The polarization eases the sun’s harsh rays and cuts down on the reflection.  

Here are some ways you can wear these sunglasses to fit your facial shape and wardrobe. Cat Eyed Sunglasses Fashion Nowadays you can find many shapes, colors, thickness and lenses that make cat eye 
sunglasses look good.  They can be retro to contemporary.  If you want a more retro look, take a pair of cat eye sunglasses and pair them with more vintage type of patterns like polka dots or stripes.  The patterns add that avant garde look.  You probably want to finish this pairing with some vintage footwear. Polish the look with some brown sandals or camel colored knee high boots. http://www.collegefashion.net/would-you-wear/would-you-wear-cat-eyesunglasses/ If you want a more modern look like Lady Gaga, choose chunkier frames. You can have black cat eye sunglasses and have them adjusted to suit your face.

Then pair the look with a fitted, navy blue, blazer.  Have a bright colored shirt and some skinny jeans.  You can finish the look with some accessories like a boyfriend watch. Don’t be scared of having bold colors and patterns to your frames.  Remember,patters and colors are always in vogue.  Think leopard print frames of bright red frames.Polarized Sunglasses for your Facial ShapeYou can look good while protecting your eyes. Polarizedsunglasses work by cutting out a lot of reflections that cause glares.  You can take these sunglasses out on a boat ride and you won't be getting that glare from the water.  The more time you spend
outdoors, the more the benefit of having these.  Not only will your cat eyes look good, you will also see more clearly because things will appear in their true color minus the glare.



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