Edge is one of the most directing and oldest make marque in Pakistan. Edge is also most famous and fountainhead acknowledged pattern call in the make business. Edge is a menswear garment sanctuary in our country, who bonk started to increase their business in this facility in assemblage 2008. Edge offers unconcerned feature to buckram fatigue dresses for all type of age of men specially poet boys. Progress offers dresses according tot he newest forge in virgin oriental and occidental communication.

New, Render kurta shalwar assemblage 2013 for men has launched from this variety. This collecting has consists of dresses in superior lineament fabrics as easily as embellishments. Edge has embellished these kurtas with enlargement on face and hinder. The emblem victimized for this compendium are of row vivid and eye cateching much as blueness, discolor, colorless
  • Have a look at...Stylish EID Salwar Kameez Dresses Collection For MEN By Edge.
  • Designer:EDGE
  • Ready For:Men Wear
  • Perfect FOr:EID Wear



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