Fashion is the other name of glamour and as famous American fashion designer and writer Lilly Dache says “glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number. But it also is what makes a woman ask for the name of your dressmaker.” Fashion shows are the exact connotation of this saying as these are the presentation of a fashion designer to show off their clothing to the people not only in the home country but to the world also. A fashion show is not just a catwalk of beauty in these days rather it is accredited as a cultural event and a successful sales promotion mechanism in the clothing industry.

Fashion shows in the competitive world of style
Traditional and cultural style presented in fashion shows
In this perspective fashion shows will definitely take us forward rather these are leading us progressively in the competitive world of style. In these shows our designers display their creativity of traditional and cultural style in new fashion that set a demand for our clothes worldwide and at the same time a source of revenue for the country.

Fashion shows set standards
Fashion shows opened new avenues for designers
Fashion shows have created stream of consciousness about style among common people that remained in the possession of upper class in the past. And this awareness has set standards for larger population to follow the fashion and that further opened new avenues for designers to target wider population. So fashion shows rightly claimed to be the cradle of success for the fashion industry of our country and sky is the limit for future.


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