Wedding songs fill spice and color to the weddings all around the globe. There are different patterns and dynamics in the wedding songs when we move from one part of the world to another but what remains the same is the influence that wedding songs have in turning a simple wedding ceremony to a memorable and everlasting event.

Wedding songs are significant part of the jubilant wedding ceremonies all around the world. These wedding songs are actually a source to express the emotions of extreme happiness, harmony and pleasure. From the young ones to the elders and even the bride and groom become the part of these wedding songs to make the ceremony memorable and full of flavor. Wedding ceremonies will become colorless without wedding songs as they provide energy and spice to a traditional occasion otherwise.

Wedding Songs are a way to express feelings

People express their feelings through wedding songs
Wedding songs are the perfect way to express the feelings of gladness and happiness so these songs are the most essential part of wedding ceremonies to create a fun loving and blissful atmosphere. Without music people cannot enjoy this pleasing day properly. Every society has its own culture and taste in music which can be seen easily in weddings all over the world.

Diversity of Wedding Songs

Wedding songs change with changing ethnicities
Wedding songs take new dimensions when we move around the globe and reach different traditions and cultures. Music is considered to be the voice of emotions and culture plays an important part in diversifying this voice. Music does not remain constant when it comes to different ethnicities so this change can be so easily watched in the wedding songs as well. The Lifestyle, cultural belongings and traditional harmony are the things that influence the diversity of wedding songs.

Pakistani Wedding Songs

Pakistani wedding songs have a unique traditional check in them
In Pakistani society, wedding songs have the genera of loud music and Punjabi Bhangara which gives the wedding ceremonies a traditional touch. These traditional wedding songs show the culture of the country. Traditional songs are very precious heritage of our country and they can’t be forgotten on this happy occasion. On the other hand some well-off families do hire DJ’s for the wedding event. They provide a novel, modern and remix touch to the wedding songs.

Indian Weddings

Indian wedding are full of excitement and energy
Indian wedding songs are full of color, energy and enthusiasm. From the dresses and decoration to the environment; everything is loud and noisy. In Punjabi weddings Bhangra and Punjabi songs are played. Rap songs are also very popular in Indian weddings.

Western Weddings

Western wedding songs are soft and romantic
In western countries, wedding songs get a new dimension. Wedding ceremonies are held very gracefully and the same thing is visible in the wedding songs as well. The bride and groom look so elegant in their wedding dress. There is no rush of people and no loud music in background. In these weddings people prefer the romantic and smooth music played by violin, piano and such other musical instruments. The western wedding songs create a feel of romance all around and people look happy and satisfied. It feels like the love is in the air.


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