Latest Hair styles for eid have to be elegant yet stylish. But they vary from person to person since each person is unique. Hence, never forget that you can always invent your own latest hair style for eid whenever you want just with a little bit of experimentation and exploration! Do follow your instincts and a little bit of advice from the latest hair styles for eid.

A hair style is something that can totally transform the way you look. It can have implications and affects on your personality, the way the world sees you, and most importantly how you see the world. At face value perhaps nobody would have considered hair styles to be of so much importance but it’s true that they are.
Pulling the Latest hair style this Eid can make you look like a completely new person. So knowing a little bit about the Latest hair styles for eid is surely a good idea!

Latest hair styles for Eid for Girls with longer hair

Carry your hair as the way they are!
Longer hair is considered somewhat a trademark of elegant looking females. Since centuries eastern women have put so much effort and hard work in having beautifully long and healthy hair. Now is no different either. Therefore, Latest hair style for Eid 2012 gives females with longer hair a lot of options. You can either straighten your hair if you want to have the typical eastern look that most of the girls simply love to carry along with their elegant dresses for eid. Or you can make a side braid and tie it up in a beautiful ribbon. This will give you the cool yet funky look that can go with any dress worn on this eid. Also, if you are a lover of curls then you have a very hot option in the Latest hair styles for Eid. You can curl your hair at the ends (only if you have straight hair naturally) and pin them up from the top. This looks amazingly elegant yet makes one stand out no matter what.

If you wish to carry your hair exactly the way they are and yet to look beautiful and stunning then the Latest hair style for Eid offers some really nice tips and solutions for you. Apply a little bit of salt-water spray to your washed hair and scrunch them and viola you’ve got the stunner yet natural look! This is an amazing idea since it helps you being yourself and helps you to save a lot of time in the hustle bustle of this eid. Furthermore, if you have naturally curly hair then you are in for a treat since the Latest hair style for Eid includes applying a little bit of gel to your natural hair. This would enable you to carry your natural curls the way they are giving you a rich and vibrant look.

Latest hair styles for Eid for Girls with shorter hair

Ask you stylist for the best look
Short hair style is not everyone’s cup of tea. Chopping your hair down, especially for girls, is like taking a challenge and sticking to it till your hair grows back to its normal length once more. But if you have the guts to take this challenge then Latest hair styles for Eid has some handy solutions for you ladies out there as well! If you are carrying a pixie hair-do then make sure that you put a smoothing cream and then blow dry your hair. You can also straighten them up at the edges to get rid of the tiny hair that you usually prop up at the edges or corners.

Ask your stylist to give you the best advice as to which hair style would suit you best keeping in view the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. And do not shy away from exploring something totally new. You don’t always have to follow the bandwagon. You can create your own style any time you like- this is the best advice that you could get from the Latest hair styles for Eid!


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