Times have changed and the brides now want to look their best on their wedding days. To accomplish this great task, some renowned beauticians have set up their personal beauty salons. Madeeha’s is one of the best known bridal salon in Lahore. It was officially set up and it gained popularity around the year 2005.

Gone are the days when brides were not allowed to leave their homes before their wedding day. In order to look their best on the special day, the brides would do anything. This process of beautifying themselves is divided in two parts i.e. the pre-nuptial preparations and the wedding day makeover. Madeeha’s bridal salon provides both these services over a range of different prices to accommodate every bride.

In addition to being the best bridal salon in Lahore, Madeeha’s also offers a photo-shoot for the brides in their photography studio. They charge 20,000/- for solo shoot and 30,000/- for couple shoot. The photography services in the best beauty salon in Lahore also offer female photographer on the request of the bride, a safe environment for the bride and a retouch during and after the photo session.

Pre-wedding Services in Best beauty salon of Lahore
The pre-wedding treatment in the salon is as important as the wedding itself!
The pre-wedding treatment is offered in 3 packages. It is a wide range which is not offered in some other renowned beauty salons in Lahore. Each package costs differently. The services offered in all these are facial, face polish, haircut, threading, manicure and pedicure etc. These packages range from 3000 to 5000/-.

The Wedding Make-up In Madeeha’s beauty salon
Bride’s treatment as a queen in the beauty salon!
The bride is the most important person of the ceremony with the groom. Every bride automatically feels this sheer responsibility to look gorgeous on her day and the beauty salon promise to fulfill their wish. Every bride wants a trusted and renowned name in the beauty industry to help her look beautiful and when it comes to trust and best results, Madeeha’s is the first name that comes to one’s mind in the list of best beauty salons in Lahore. The bridal make ups range from 20,000 to 40,000/- depending on the choice of the make up artist by the bride. Party make ups are also offered for engagement and mehndi functions starting from 3000 and ranging till 7000/-.

Madeeha’s bridal salon in Lahore is the best choice for any bride. Madeeha’s also has its branches in other cities adjacent to Lahore.


  1. There is lots of other good salons around with good names like New look, Ather Shahzad, Tariq Amin they all come at a high price generally!!! there are lots of smaller beauty salons that do just as good job if not better as more personal attention than a mass of brides lined up in the make up room from the bigger salons.One good smaller salon is Style Inn - G1 market Johar town they do a great job having seen a few of there brides.
    A great spa/salon opening around October is SAMS (Skin Analysis medical spa & gym) they have great bridal & groom packages at affordable prices being a health & beauty medical spa they have prior to the big day skin treatments, weight loss treatments , tooth whitening deals started few weeks before the day all under the guidance of A UK Skin specialist & weight management consultant. The make up is excellent with foreign trained staff with great blending and base foundation, they don't make you look over painted & over white !!! foundation is close to natural skin tones. Hair styles done by L'oreal /Tony & guy trained staff. Overall a great addition in Lahore with affordable prices.

    SAMS is a luxurious health and beauty medical spa/health club in Lahore. Their services will include -health &beauty, wellness advise/therapies, holistic & spa therapies including body massages, scrubs, body wraps, facials, mani/pedi, hair and make up,kid's & teen spa services, photographic studio, they will have a gym, fitness studio, pool, saunas, jacuzzi, medical/dental spa.
    They will have separate male and female timing.
    Gym/fitness studio and pool in gulberg only.
    see www.sams.pk