Eye care is necessary part of our life so; we should take special care in our perfect sight. The weak eye sight in every early stages of life depends upon contact lenses for good sight. If you can take care in eye sights you do not need to contact lenses.

Following are given tips for eye care.

1. First of all we should need to make a perfect diet which is contains on Vitamins E, C, A and calcium.

2. We should need to choose Dairy Products, Tomatoes, Green Vegetables and Citrus Fruits in our daily diet.

3. Fresh Fruits, Cucumber and Chopped Carrots should be used in office meal intervals.

4. Wash your eyes with fresh water during the working conditions because the water keeps our eyes fresh.

5. Smoking is very harmful for our eyes so, prevent from smoking.

6. To keep away our eyes from the harmful sun rays.

7. At least 6 to 8 hours sleeping is essential for our eyes because eye muscles need proper relaxation.

8. Rub your palms and apply on the tired eyes because the warmth palms give relaxation our tired eyes.



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