Imagine the feeling you’ll have when your debts are all paid off and your money is your own. Bask in the freedom and happiness of the vision for a moment before you move on to the below list.

1Go for a walk around your neighborhood or city.
2Plan a picnic in a close-by scenic location or park, and then take a bike ride to get there.
3Stream or rent a movie, pop popcorn, get in your pajamas and enjoy a nice night in.
4If you have kids and the weather is nice, pitch a tent and camp out in your backyard.
5Play a board game like Scrabble or Monopoly.
6Put together a puzzle.
7Play a card game (a deck of cards is so cheap and can provide hours of entertainment).
8Go hiking somewhere close, but new.
9Check out any free concerts or lectures in your area (we have quite a few through our local library).
10Visit some of your local parks.
11Hit your local library and check out some new books, magazines, movies, music CDs or audio books.
12If you’re a parent to little kids, check out the story times at your local library.
13Invite some friends over and ask them to each bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer. Listen to some music and talk.
14Check out the “free days” at your local museums and zoos.
15Make a movie. (If you have kids this movie will likely be much different than a movie you Make with your sweetie. Hey, whatever keeps you entertained!)
16Go outside at night and try to identify the constellations.
17Learn a new language using the resources available at your local library.
18Learn to play an instrument using the resources available from your local18 library.
20Surf the Internet.


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