Perfumes are mixture of aortic substance with some essential oil. The aromatic substance may be synthetic or natural. The essential oil used as solvent to dilute it…Perfume history shows that there use was in ancient civilization too; the source and form will be artificially synthesized or extracted from plant and animal source.

Perfumes used now a day in different forms:

Perfume extract: or simply perfume (15-40% aromatic compounds.

Spirt de perfume  ESDP): 15-30% aromatic compounds; it is of different types; EAU de cologne, EAU de toilette, EAU de perfumes, due to different concentration of aromatic contents.

Perfume mist; It is the compound with non alcoholic solvent, or said to be in concentrated form.

Perfumes when used in abused and not properly used cause environmental and health problems whatever their source whether synthetic or plant or animal origin.


We use perfumes to make us lively and charming but if it causes irritation to people and for our self it is a great disturbance. Where to apply perfume on body is the important thing in its use. Some beauty experts say to apply it behind ears or at low neck, but   really a perfume free man is preferred more because of its irritating, bad effects on health some says to apply it at inner elbow or at inner knee to stay it lasts longer. Perfumes stay more in moist places. In case of women they apply perfumes where to be kissed more but there are some points at the body where to apply perfume safely and with long lasting results.

“Pulse points” are the places where blood vessels are close to skin. these points emits heat continuously and remain moist so if perfume applied at these places it will stay longer .These are inner elbows, behind knees, behind the ear lobes, low throat, under arm pits, cleavages, inner wrists. These are areas where you can wear perfume throughout the day.
While using the perfume it should be cautioned that perfumed area should not be   nebulased in any way because of the harmfulness of the products used in it.
While applying perfume be conscious that it is used before clothing so that it will not lave stains on clothes just spray, swipe in case of compact form, dab not rub because it will crush the molecules of scent and be damaging. Some people spray in air and walk in this it’s not better because of wastage of perfume and surrounding people get affected by it.
While spraying hairs if these are freshly washed little bit oiled with some natural product and free from alcohol gives best results freshly scented hair s give gorgeous presence.
while apply perfume apply some moisturizer so that  perfumed molecules cling with it and lasts longer, if before applying perfume some  gel, wax of same scent is layered  and upon it perfume sprayed it will lasts for more longer time. Get to be properly scented and make your environment more fragrant.



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