Retain your job and your professional manner at work by following these tips on how to demonstrate respect at work.

Step 1
Maintain a positive attitude in all situations.  You don’t want to be known as the negative guy at work. A bad attitude is disrespectful to those trying to accomplish things around you. Even you have been given the worst part of a project, stay positive. Every attitude you have and every action you make will affect your future success at a company. So be a positive person and your respect for others will be evident.

Step 2
Consider your coworkers. Another way to demonstrate respect at work is to consider those with whom you work. Each of your coworkers has an expectation for what a workplace should be like. You can show your respect for your coworkers by trying to build the ideal work environment with them. If you’re a smoker, take it outside and away from the crowd. If you have to listen to music, keep it respectable and on low volume. And keep your personal phone calls quick and quiet. The whole office doesn’t need to hear you gushing about last weekend’s concert. Understand that everyone deserves a quiet and professional environment to work and don’t do anything to disrupt the peace or draw negative attention to yourself.

Step 3
Don’t gossip. It’s an issue at every work place. Gossip isn’t just going to go away overnight, but you can help by not contributing to it. Demonstrate respect at work by steering clear of non-productive discussions about other coworkers. It will keep you above any ‘he-said-she-said’ arguments, and your bosses and coworkers will respect you for not getting involved in tarnishing their names.

Step 4
Honor the decisions of your superiors. You may not always understand their decisions, but you still must respect the decisions of your superiors. You are not going to get anywhere by ranting about the latest decision from the higher-ups. Accept that you have no sway over most choices that your bosses make and hold back from the temptation to throw a tantrum to show your dismay. Maintaining a positive, understanding attitude in light of changes going on at work will earn you respect too.

Step 5
Collaborate and compromise. Team work is inevitable on the job. At some point, you’re going to have to be part of a team that needs to accomplish a goal together. You may not always agree with the ideas and choices of your coworkers, but you still need to show them some respect. On any group project, you always need to collaborate and compromise in a way that leaves everyone happy. Demonstrate respect as you work on projects and you will make your job a lot less stressful.


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