Quick Look On Summer Fashion
Summer is here so are we with fashion update check out the list so you can update your wardrobe and stay in style.
Foot Essentials
Footwear trends are changing so rapidly, no one wants to invest in a good pair of shoes! Worry not, because the truth is that a shoe investment never goes to waste. If you are comfy in your shoes, regardless of their fashion standing, you get away with wearing almost any style you like!
Thong Sandals
Who wants to sweat in their leather heels in this hot season? Wearing flats or thong sandals are the answer for sweat and sore free feat. They look chic, go easy and stay comfy for while you walk in them.
Leave Peep-Toed Sling Backs For “Aunties”
No doubt, peep-toed pointy ended flats look cute; but leave those high heeled sling backs for “women”. Girls should wear easy, fun and comfortable shoes that can carries their jumpy personality well.

Half Khussas To Rock Any Look
It’s yesteryear when khussa (ethnic slippers) were worn only in dholkis and weddings. Today, you can pair them with casual clothing like jeans, shalwars, capris or anything at all and you will look smarter. Because some people are highly uneasy with the stiff back of the khussa, we suggest you wear a backless one (half khussa).
For ladies who like to take hot fashion to the lovely levels. Pumps is a perfect choice. An elongated toe and over sized buckle. Pump is the most fun and fashionable look.
Summer is all about staying fun, casual, cool and your bag is the ultimate fashion item to portray all that. A person’s character is often judged by the bag he/she carries!
Big In Size And Loud In Colour

No we aren’t talking about that new plasma TV, here. It’s the kind of bag you should be carrying this summer. We are talking less-straps, less metal with simply more space and colour.
Pleats Style
Isn’t this the years of pleats? We see them everywhere; from baby frocks to wedding shararas, from pleated sleeves to pleated sweeps and so on. Where you should be looking for pleats is your purse. We are sure you will find at least one for yourself in this big bag world!
You can never have enough accessories, can you? And you should not because with accessories, trends change ever so swiftly that you find yourself drooling over a new accessory display at a store you visited only last week. See what’s new today!
Beads And Peals
It won’t be wrong to say that beads are back, but they changed their shape alone their way. You will see a lot of new jewellery with mix-shaped beads, flat pearls, oval and straw beads etc. Find them, own then and sway them with pride.
Thin And Delicate
Okay, we know a few issues back we said giant sized jewellery was “in” and we were right. We are also right this time! Go delicate with accessories, necklace, earrings and bangles. You can wear chunky rings and bangles occasionally, but stringy jewellery is the most “in” thing this season!


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