Eid is the second name of joy, happiness and enjoyment. All the Muslim guys and girls try their best to look stunning and handsome on this very loved occasion. They want to be dressed up like queens and prince.
Your outfit on the day of Eid has its own importance but if you have adopted good hairstyle which suits then we can say that you have celebrated your Eid with style which others can desire only. Yes we are here to give you the most latest and style in hairstyles which you can wear on Eid with extra confidence of beauty. This time for female only. So here we go….!

Hair styles play an important role in beautifying you. you can know the importance of hair styles by observing a girl with latest outfit but having out of fashion hair style. Off course this combination won’t work. On the day of Eid when all the girls will be concentrating more on cloths ,bangles and make up .Don’t forget your hair .The below mentioned Hairstyles for Eid can help you out in showing real glamorous “you” on the day of eid.so here are they:

Make a pony tail with glitter beat pins: If you are a girl having age ranging from 14 to 18 then this hairstyle for Eid will really suit you. You just need to comb fine from front. Make a pony tail .leaving your neck side hair free. Now you can put some beats type pins. These pins are available in very cute outlook .its preferred that you use glitter over them. This will give you a cute, teenage girl with lots of life with her. Adopt this hair style if you are more extroverts.

Make French braids side ways: Yes this hairstyle for Eid is recommended for those having wavy hair. This hair style needs a lot of practice. You just need to side your hair and make French braids from front. Comb the strands and you will see the need but informal look is achieved on the day of eid.so can also put some beautiful ribbons to tie the French braids.

Curly hair style:If you have curly hair then be happy this hairstyle for Eid is only for you. The curly hair style is for the all length of hair weather short medium or long. to get on some variations you can also dye few strands of your hair with your favorite color say green, red and yellow. Red is recommended since Eid demands more dramatic outlook.

The free long hairstyle: Guess what’s this hairstyle for Eid is all about?? Yes it’s about eastern out look. If you have extremely long hair with good volume then this hair style is for you. What you suppose to do is just to leave your hair free with out any pins grip. To add some dramatic look you can place rose or any other flower with the help of pins on top back of your ear. This will give you none other then Mughalai glamorous look.
So if you want to have quick, attractive and most glamour hair style then adopt out latest Hairstyles for eid.These will off course not disappoint you. Have a very happy Eid with best Hairstyle.


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