Sherwani Designs 2011 – Sherwani is the biggest fashion of the men and usually wears only the wedding ceremony. Sherwani is very good looking and very beautiful designed by the very famous designers and they made these Sherwani by using embroided parts and pins or wires.

Sherwani for men is of knee length and it having the button and studs are in the front. Men’s Sherwani comes in different length as well. The Sherwani styles are embroided as well and the most popular Sherwani are made in Pakistan and other Asian countries.

Sherwani has different color, size and shapes. It comes at the very high or as low price. Embroided Sherwani is very famous throughout the Pakistan and out side the Pakistan. Now a days Sherwani is made on the machines as well and these Sherwani is very beautiful and made for special occasion.
Although some person or men prefers achkan to wears on their wedding day but there is a difference between men’s sherwani and achkan. Achkan is longer than sherwani for men. Sherwani is very likable by the men and Achkan is not known to some boys. Some boys shows the interest in the Sherwani and some shows the interest on wear the Pant coat. But Sherwani is very beautiful dress to wear on the wedding.



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