Revolution always comes with a blast! When the body is unable to bear all the innermost silence, desperation and anger is, it bursts like a blast, which calls for revolution!
Amidst all the socio-political turmoil that Pakistan is going through these days, I can actually foresee a revolution in the form of youth and Pakistani artists!
Revolution is not in the dreamy version of life, pictured in Reema Khan’s ‘Love Mein Ghum’ it’s in ‘Bol’, it’s in artist’s like Ali Azmat, Strings, Shahzad Roy, Soch, EP, who express their frenzy in words, everybody can relate to.
“It’s hard to write love songs in Pakistan” says Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsud of Strings, who has released ‘Main Tu Dekhoonga’ and ‘Ab Tou Kuch Kerna Paray Ga’, “In these times of violence, people who don’t speak are like blind, deaf and dumb, and as a musicians, we can bring revolution with our words.”
Shahzad Roy, after the success of ‘Laga Reh’ has released ‘Uth Bandh Kamar Kya Darta Hai, Phir Dekh Khuda Kya Kerta Hai’, similerly Ali Azmat’s ‘Bum Phatta’ is like another step to revolution. Music band EP is also crying out loud for revolution with his ‘Shor Macha
Not only famous bands and singers but young and talented new singers are also coming up with their enthusiasm-laden songs like Soch band, who has released their ‘Uth Jawana’ in favor of Imran Khan’s Tahreek-e-Insaaf.
These singers may not be great like Iqbal and Faiz, but their words are like a soft ray of hope, which in these times of sorrow and chaos can really lighten up our lives, our nation and our Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan!


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