Fashion accessories are never enough and especially when it comes to your face, I say no compromises should be made. The eye sight glasses which you should choose has to complement your face and as you keep this for a longer time, the right designer glasses would seem most appropriate. The shape of eye sight glasses is an important selection as you have to narrow down the designs according to the shape of your face.  Our guideline will be a good help which will not let your new eye sight glasses detract from your appearance.
To begin with, observe the shape of your face in a mirror. Majorly there are seven face shapes which are often talked about and according to them eye sight glasses are manufactured. There exists: square, oval, oblong, round, triangular (base down), heart-shaped face (base-up triangle) and diamond-shaped face. So the key to choose the right design for your eye sight glasses is to go for the shape which is opposite to that of your face type.
A face that is full and soft looks better with a sharp- edged glasses design and angular faces should prefer round glasses designs particularly to look at their best.
Square faces should go for oval or round design for their eye sight glasses as they balance out the angles of the face. With a heavy jaw, a design that focuses more on the top line of the frame looks suitable. Select a narrow frame design which makes the face look longer.
Oval faces are lucky as they can go for any kind of eye sight glasses they want. Be it oval, round or angular.
Oblong faces should for curved or round frame designs in particular. This will cover the length of the face and make it look wide enough. Glasses design should be such which has upper and lower rims of a frame which are equal in size. A bridged- frame design can make the nose look small too.
Round faces have an advantage of going for squared frame designs which can make their face size appear longer and slimmer.
People with triangular shaped face should go for the frame design with colour on the top half as they have a narrow forehead and a wide chin. Heart-shaped faces particularly look good when they pick a light coloured or rimless frame achieves an effect which can make their forehead look less wide. Thus, such frame designs make their bottom look broad too.
Lastly, diamond-shaped faces should look for round eye sight glasses frames to cut the edges on their face.
Don’t forget to take someone along in this selection and avoid going for a colourful design as you want eye sight glasses for a longer time.


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