If you’re a girl who loves pink shoes, like me, then you’re probably still in the process of setting up the perfect pink dress shoes. What is it? It is the perfect set of items to wear with pink shoes. For me, I got five teams, so I wanted to share with you. Each suit will allow you to wear pink and show your shoes dramatically.
The first is to coincide with skinny jeans and a cute. Tight jeans on top of the ankle and are perfect for displaying shoes. Specifically, choose jeans dark blue or a pair of white jeans. The two colors are the roses of your shoes very well.
 At the top, do not use anything too colorful and dramatic. Go with a neutral color.
Another dress is for girls who love shoes pink dot. This may be rare, but I see women who love these shoes too much love to dress. First, the spots are so dramatic that you can not do anything too flashy on. Want something more modest. Also you do not want to contradict points. Choose the dress in black and white spots of the same color. If you do, then all matches, but the shoes will be presented well.



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