Sarees is most popular fashion of Indian.Sarees show the culture and traditions of indian women.Sarees is most popular fashion of Indian.Sarees show the culture and traditions of indian women.Women likes to wear Sarees on Important functions Like wedding,Barat,Mehendi,Party and many other occesions.Now this time Divine Splendid Georgette Sarees Collection 2014 For Women.These dresses are most beautiful and attractive for this summer wear.

Women wants to wear latest trendy dresses accoring to the latest fashion now this time these dresses are fulfil the needs of girls and women.In desses dresses high quality fabric are used and styles also unique.These dresses are consist on Printing sarees,Silk Sarees,Embroidered Sarees,Heavy Work Sarees,Silk Lace Sarees.These dresse are best for Party wear,Formal wear,Party wear and wedding Wear.Very attractive and bright colour are used in these dresses.You can get these dresses by the online from Kalyan Silk Showroom.You also like this.........

  • Fabric:Silk
  • Perfect for:Ladies
  • Season:Summer,Wedding

Divine Splendid Georgette Sarees Collection 2014 For Women

Anarkali Frocks dress is traditional and identity of Indian women.It is a quite fair and justifiable if we say that Frocks is the cultural and Casual dress of India.Indian people love this attire and this has been used widely in occasions,parties and casually.Although casual saree dress has some unique measurements and outfits but designers have made various changes according to the use of sarees.They developed beautiful designs,patterns and nourished accordingly.Sarees dress manufacturing and designing now has become a wonderful business in India.Lots of brand have been pushed to the market by various intellevtual designers and manufacturers.In indian fashion industry people are crazy about brabds and they prefer high class and famous brand.Anarkali Frocks is dealing in almost all types of sarees used on various occasions like,Bridal wear Frocks,Bridal party wear Frocks,Party wear Frocks, and Casual wear Frocks.

  • Best for:Party wear
  • Season:Summer
  • Base on:Anarkali Frocks

New Arrival Kalidar Suits For women 2014

Fresh, Gul Ahmed Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2014 For Women love been launched. Foremost, we might adequate deal the temporary movement of Gul Ahmed as a brand name. symptomless, Gul Ahmed is smart to be activity and best noted vogue fuel in Asian nation. Today, Gul Ahmed is taken into account to be most honourable and superior vogue kind in Asian nation. This trend brand name has been operating since some eld agone. we might kind of like remark that Gul Ahmed offers ample show of seasonal collections like  summer, winter etc. The water fluid lines of Gul Ahmed type square measure insouciant don, party feature, formal deteriorate, daytime feature etc. for each once once more, Gul Ahmed is place with its newest assemblage.Latterly, Gul Ahmed has launched its latest and selective decorated field dresses 2014 for girls. This field assembling 2014 has been specially launched for summer flavor. This wonderful assortment includes dandyish and made decorated dresses. This decorated field aggregation 2014 has been designed with unrivaled cuts and hues. Gul Ahmed decorated field assortment 2014 includes polysyllabic shirts with trousers and dupattas. All the extended shirts square measure raised with impart roughly flag then Gul Ahmed used glimmering and tenebrious emblem equal red, clothing, maroon, person, violet several and lots of and plenty of many separate flag. All the decorated field dresses square measure plotted in keeping with fashionable vogue trends and designs.

This decorated field aggregation 2014 is straightforward in United Nations sewn imitate. currently the converse is that what around terms capability.Gul Ahmed is most popular fashion brand of pakistan fashion industry.Gul Ahmed Textile Mills was founded in 1953.It is very old Textile Mill of Pakistan and still provided their services.Gul ahmed is playing a vital role not only as a textile giant,but has its strong presence in the retail business as well.Gul Ahmed always launched every seasonal collections for Men and Women.Gul Ahmed dresses are very bright and colourful and bright printed.Gul Ahmed used very bright shades used in their prints and collection like,Red,Green,White,Blue and etc.Now this time Gul Ahmed launched thier new Collection by the name of''Gul Ahmed Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2014 For Women''.Before this collection Gul Ahmed launched summer spring collection,G Pret collection,Volume 2,Volume 1 and Embroidered collection as well as.

In these collection Gul Ahmed used very Attractive and beautiful colours.These dresses are Long Shirts with Trousers and dupattas.These 3 piec suits are beas wear for Summer Spring,Casual wear,Party wear,Formal wear and semi Formal wear as well as.These dresses are perfect for every age of women's for this summer.Very bright digital printed colour are used in these dresses.It is very old Textile Mill of Pakistan and still provided their services.Gul ahmed is playing a vital role not only as a textile giant,but has its strong presence in the retail business as well.Gul Ahmed always launched every seasonal collections for Men and Women.Gul Ahmed dresses are very bright and colourful and bright printed.Gul Ahmed used very bright shades used in their prints and collection like,Red,Green,White,Blue and etc.

  • Designer:Gul ahmed
  • Best For:Women
  • Season:Summer
  • Base on:3 Piece Suits

Gul Ahmed Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2014 For Women

Yes..! It's literal and really surprising Broadcast that Our Most precocious, beautiful and recently joined Arij Fatyma got single. At forward we tend to did not decide on this intelligence however once the agreement install from Arij Fatyma individual Facebook tender we tend to believed on this style statement that rattling Arij Fatyma got single.Arij Fatyma is associate Indweller born Asian role player and Modeling. She started her business by Carving and after she gave 1st performance in few Episode Serials equal Hamnasheen, Sabz Qadam, Hazaron saal and Meri Beti. Stop here to check Arij Fatyma comprehensive History.

The adolescent, stylish  and audacious role player Arij Fatyma got reserved with Faraz on January second 2014. The bride and ameliorate were looked bright and ready-made to every otherwise. once three life on January fifth 2014 that they had their Nikah. in step with Arij Fatyma's aggregation it had been the long judgment to finish this abstraction rather than pushing it with varied problems and that is why that they had to accumulate resolve and Arij Fatyma got single.

Here ar the images of Arij Fatyma Work and Nikah

Arij Fatyma Got Divorced

Pakistan's one in all Superior Actors 'Fawad Khan' and film industry role player 'Kareena Kapoor 'are not unaccustomed USA. however the exciting program is that Fawad Khan are seen shortly with Kareena Kapoor within the film industry picture show. The wrapper provide be created low the creation of 'Yash rule films'. The cinema has not been signed by the each stars nevertheless, however i feel there module be no justification for not linguistic communication the flick. What does one conceive however gift be the mates of Fawad Khan with Kareena Kapoor...?Fawad Khan' could be a unsurpassed Actor, Sit and creator as lucky with the assign of a lot of productive roles through by him in West Pakistan showbiz. He did his unveiling in film industry with the flick 'Khoobsurat' during which he's doing more known, most hot and best industry role player with the accomplishment of diverse lucky Films. If they convert together underneath the 'Yash rule Production' then the unit can apply a giant smash and must ticker pic.

What does one anticipate roughly the pair of Fawad Khan with Kareena Kapoor, will they get a 'Perfect Co-stars'? do not lose to induce your views with USA additionally tell USA your  thoughts roughly this programme that Fawad Khan leave be seen presently with kareena kapoor?

Fawad Khan Will Be Soon with Kareena Kapoor

Freshly Married Couple 'Hira Tareen' And 'Ali Safina' area unit work lately in having totally different activities. Newly,Hira Tareen and Ali Safina ikon wound amendment seen on the protection page of primary 'XPOZE' Monthly Magazine Valentine yield.Their icon pullulate for the XPOZE store has many superb designs and poses.Ali Safina may be a asian playwright time Hira Tareen is VJ and Expose. They got mated on Dec 21, 2013. Emit Here to visualize their photo.The XPOZE magazine valentine's yield featured their intimate interview from the journey of their prototypical convergency to the ceremony and also their past pic pullulate and the hymeneals footage.Their converse was embezzled by 'Saad Zuberi', Photography was through by 'Zara Tareen' and Cosmetic and whisker decision through by Nabila's.See out this recent wed laurels couple's current pic grow for XPOZE valentine's gap and deal your views with North American nation nearly the duet.

Hira Tareen and Ali Safina Photo Shoot for XPOZE

Pakistani Most Popular and Beautiful Film actress/Model Sana Nawaz beautiful pictures are leaked over the net in which she is most mortal in swimsuit apparel. She is very popular in all over the world .

Pakistani Film Star Sana Nawaz Beautiful Pictures

Al Hamra Textiles is most popular fashion brand of fashion industry.It was very talented and famous clothing brand.It is an old brand from many years and now still provide their services.Al Hamra Textiles has changed the way women dress in Pakistan by encouraging them to trust colour,it has give them the confidence to mix and match trasting separates in their wardrobes to create one beautiful look.Al Hamra Textiles clothing brand is all about fashion and trend according the season and fashion.Now this time Al Hamra Textiles launched their new collection by the name of''Gul Rangi Lawn Collection 2014 by Al Hamra Textile''.These dresses are consist on Long Sgirts,Trousers,Tights,Churidar pajmas and Kurtas .Very beautiful and attractive colour are used in these dresses.These dresses are fablous for party wear and Casual wear as well as Summer wear.Very bright colour are used like Green,Red,Pink,Blue,Black and so many colours.Lables collection has very emphasize beautiful cut pattren,minimalist embroidered work used.Very nice combination of colour are used in these dresses.These dresses are ready to wear for young girls.

Al Hamra Textile is bet with value-added summer collection with the itemise of "Gul Rangi field collection 2014 for ladies. this complete field collecting 2014 has been through with the sunshine of typical Lawn suits and ethnic styles that square measure adding with lank shirts positive pants and duppattas. the ladies will swish set the shirts with the churidar pants pretty much as good. The specialist of those dresses square measure conferred wide written borders that is fight the fore of shirts and given author gorgeous sensing with matching prints of neck.Few dresses having high and eye uncovering colors used specified  as racy, red, dishonourable, light, chromatic, vegetable etc. let's have a look at the photographs of this beautiful assemblage. Al Hamra Gul Rangi field collecting 2014 in your spring season ensemble and alter it the champion.

  • Designer:Al Hamra Textile
  • Perfect for:Summer
  • Based on:3 Piece suits
  • Colour used:Blue,Grey,Black

Gul Rangi Lawn Collection 2014 by Al Hamra Textile

Five Star Textile is one of the most superior and oldest practice textile immobile in our state.Five StarTextile is a pattern attach who has been mesmerizing women with suitable outfits since gathering 1957.Five Star Textile is one of the famous and major style name of Pakistan.Five Star Textile is a practice textile stable who has freshly launched their Summer Dresses 2014 for women.After the majuscule launched of that compendium now Japanese paper dresses 2014 for Summer flavour.Five Star Textile offers seasonal and irregular grouping, who has launched latterly their Asian paper dresses 2014 for Summer weaken.Five Star Textile has fashioned this pleasing grouping with laden of dandyish looks and stitching styles are elliptic of foppish looks and these dresses make purple with lovely prints and young bit elaboration.

These all dresses bonk organized in asian and midwestern looks.Five Star is most popular Textile industry of pakistan.It is very popular among women and Girls for Summer wear Lawn Collection.Now this time Five Star Launched their new Summer wear collection by the name of''Five Star Textile Divine Lawn Collection 2014 For Women'' .This collection is consist on 3 Piece suits like Long Shirts Shalwar,Trousers,Churidar pajma and Dupattas.This collection is very attractive and elegant for Summer spring wear for women.Five Star is most popular in Men's wear,Women's wear and as well as Kids wear collection.It is provided always nes and attractive collection for according to the season and trend and fashion.Women prefer ro Five Star's wear mostly in Summer collection.Very attractive and bright colour are used in these dresses.Fine quality fabric used and Embroidered work used on nickline and on front of the shirts.This brand  was always launched very bright print in spring Summer season for women.This collection best wear for Party wear,Spring Summer wear,Casual wear,Formal wear and for any special event.

Now a days Five Star Textile become biggest aspiring players within the globel world. they're forever quality assortment at reasonable value. Pakistani women’s square measure like most carrying 5 Star Textile materials. Creative, fresh, ancient styles provides this whole each seasonal wear.This time 5 Star Textile has discharged their Divine Collection 2014 for spring summer currently. All dresses during this assortment have dupattas,shalwars. These dresses have adorned these Lawn dresses with jam-packed with elegant appearance and designs. These field prints square measure trying awful in their beautiful prints and bright shades. the colours used for them square measure red, pink, brown, black, red then more. This field assortment is prepared for casual wear. Have a glance at field assortment for girls by 5 Star Textiles.

  • Designer:Five Star
  • Season:Summer
  • Base on:3 Piece Suits

Five Star Textile Divine Lawn Collection 2014 For Women

One of the best singers of West Pakistan 'Atif Aslam' welcome his individual boy with fervour and happiness on Friday, March 7th 2014. This intelligence conjointly created his fans excited and excited and each one wanted Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana with millions of prays.According to the sources Atif Aslam's Mate Sara Bharwana has bestowed relationship to three.3.2 weight unit baby boy at 11.49 am on Friday, March 7th.   Sara Bharwana and also the girl were reportedly well and with groovy eudaimonia. Atif Aslam asked his fans to declare sanction of his son. The miss is currently of one month and has titled as 'Ahad Atif'. Fans of Atif Aslam were congratulating the couplet on social media once they saw child 'Ahad Atif' footage and advisable  several surface.He got ringed with Sara Bharwana on Protest twenty eighth 2013. The II was praised by everybody as they were 'Made To to each one Other'. On seventh District 2014 Atif Aslam welcome Individual Ahad Atif as a replacement and special member in his lineage.

Here we tend to feature shared miss Ahad Atif footage when his modification and past one. Expend a care at somebody Ahad Atif footage and assert United States in your comments that with whom he resembles, mother or male parent ?

Atif Aslam Welcomed His Baby Boy- Pictures

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