Bridal Mehndi designs Collection  For Women
Mehendi(Heena) is most popular in Asian Countries Like Pakistan,India,Dubai,Sudia Arabia and others.women are crazy about Mehndi Designs.Mostly In wedding seasons women are very conscious about Mehndi beacause it is our traditional and cultural trend.Mehndi treand also change according to the season and fashion.According to the trend mehndi also has its own trend like flower Designs,Indian Designs,Pakistani Designs,Arabic Mehndi Designs,Floral Motifs and other cutural and traditional Motifs.

Basicly Mehndi is temporary decoration on skin.Some women are like it as a temporary tattoo on skin.Mehndi applies on hand,foot,and on arms in Pakistan,India and Sodia Arabia also Gulf Countries.Musilm like to apply mehndi on many festivals like Barat,Mehndi Functions,Eangment,Waleema,Party and other,Indian women want to apply mehndi on their religios festivals like Holy,Divali,Wedding and others.

Mehndi is also popular in westren by the name of Henna Tattoo.Westren women like to make Mehndi tattoo on their body on differennt occasion.You can see here some beautiful Mehndi Designs Collection  for women.You can select these designs for your wedding,party and other functions.You also look this.......
New Mehndi Designs  For Women
Perfect for:Bridals

Bridal Mehndi designs Collection For Women

Asim Jofa is most popular fashion designer of pakistan fashion industry.He is very Talented and famous fashion designer.He is entered from many years and now still provided their services in fashion industry.Asim Jofa always launched thier most fablous dresses for women.Asim Jofa is known as an entrepreneur but also he is popular in clothing and Jewellry as well as.Asim Jofa now become exclusive brand of fashion industry.Asim Jofa always blen their collection with eastren touch and westren also.This make their dresses very unique from others.Now this time Asim Jofa launched their new collection by the name''Asim Jofa Luxury Eid Collection 2014-15 for Women''.These dresses are best wear for Semi Formal wear,Formal Wear,Party wear,Casual wear and Evening Events also.Embroidered work are used on all these dresses and front of the shirts and around neckline.High quality fabric are used on these dresses for Firls.These dresses are best choise for women's and also for young girls.In these dresses Asim Jofa show their talent and strugle for this summer wear dresses collection.Girls wear these dresses on Party functions and evening functions also. 

Another few days until the twentieth of September’14 once Asim Jofa captivating new Luxury Eid assortment 2014 for ladies.In this post we tend to square measure sharing few footage of Asim Jofa Eid ul Azha assortment 2014-15 for ladies. the gathering is comes in three piece formation enclosed field shirts, artificial  salwar and chiffon dubattas. Envelope yourself in Asim Jofa’s Luxury assortment with its vivid colours and hypnotic patterns increased all the a lot of with delicate embroideries and motives to become succeeding trendsetter among your cluster of friends. Asim Jofa Luxury Eid ul Azha Dresses 2014 are going to be accessible in the slightest degree our leading stores across the world from twentieth Gregorian calendar month 2014. Asim Jofa forthcoming Luxury Eid assortment is bound to place you within the limelight.

  • Designer:Asim Jofa
  • Season:Summer
  • Best For:Party wear

Asim Jofa Luxury Eid Collection 2014-15 for Women

Beards have always been in vogue for men. From past to present, beard styles have been created and have evolved, and have always been a part of the fashion picture for men—working men, royalty, and celebrities alike. For many, beards are considered to be a sign of manliness because of the strength they add to a man’s features and the appeal they create.

Every year, beard trends change, and now, we bring all the fashion junkies out there 5 beards styles that standout for 2014:

Top 5 Beard Designs

New Indian Bridal Lehnga Choli Collection 2013-14 for Girls
Designer is a most popular fashion Clothing house of Indian Fashion Industry.Freshly Designer lounched their new and stylish bridal lehnga Sarees and Frocks collection 2014 for Women.This Collection Consist on Lehnagas,Chloi,Kurti,Sarees and Doppatas.This collection is perfect for Waleenas Functions,Party Functions and best for Bridals.
Perfect For:Bridal
Colour used:Red,Pink

Designers Lehenga Style Sarees Collection

Pakistani Actress Aamina Sheikh Bridal Photoshoot 2013
Aamina Sheikh is most popular Model and actrees of pakistan fashion industry and show Business.She was born in New York City on August 29.She was spend thie childhoot days in karachi and Riyadh.She is come bake in Pakistan in 2003 from US.And she start work in pakistan show business and now she became a top actress and Top Model of pakisatn. She get more fame from talk shows,Dramas,Serials,Soaps,Telefilms and commerical also.

Now she is doning work in many drama serials and shows as well as in Modeling shows.Recently she make a photoshoot for For Bridal makeup trends.In these makeup styles she looks more beautiful and attractive and fablous also.You can select these makeup for your Bridal look and your party functions also.She is looking so beautiful in these Jewellery,makeup,Brida.Have a look at....
Pakistani Actress Aamina Sheikh Bridal Photoshoot 
Model:Aamina Sheikh
Perfect for:Bridal

Pakistani Actress Aamina Sheikh Bridal Photoshoot

Bedding Collection For Bridals By Nishat Linen
Nishat Linen is very popular fashion brand of Pakistan.Freshly,Nishat Linen launched latest bridals bedding collection.Bridals want trendy collection like fashion accessories,like bridals dresses,bridals hair styles,bridals shoes,bridals makeup setup,bridals bedding ideas and according to bridals bedding ideas desire Nishat Linen launched latest bedding collection that are very superb.
Have a Look at..Nishat Linen bridals bedding ideas collection.
Designer:Nishat Linen
Ready For:Bridal 
Collection About:Bridal's Bedding Ideas

Bridal Formal Bedding Collection By Nishat Linen

                 Kareena Kapoor on Firdous Fashion

Kareena Kapoor on Firdous Fashion

Here we'll discuss the recognition of white dresses for ladies. Well in modern world the celebrity and recognition of the white dresses is obtaining vastly notable within the girls of all agr teams and young ladies. they'll be appropriate enough for all the occassions and wedding functions still. If we want to outline the white dresses in 3 words then we'd for sure say out simplicity, soberness and individuation. within the wedding functions white dresses area unit perpetually in one amongst the larger demand within the brides. There area unit several renowned brands within the fashion market that area unit all providing with the white wedding dresses for the youngsters, mature up ladies, matured girls and age recent girls.In this post about to} going to share a number of the fine wanting photos of white dresses for ladies. the ladies will even build the selection of mixing the white dresses with alternative sort of styling still.

White dresses within the company of custom cashes for infants area unit same to be large in terms of demand. Dainty bolero white dresses that area unit made up of the sheer fabric that glorious intent on be adding the individuality within the women! they'll be alternated bets for the church ceremonies and therefore the functions. White dresses with the tea length beads work dress in white cloth area unit all embellished with the elegant bead and lace work. fabric Overlay A-Line by means of floral embroidery & button back dress is one amongst the foremost favorite white dresses within the girls and ladies.

  • Base on:White Dresses
  • Best for:Party wear
  • Season:Spring

Popularity of White Dresses for Women

As we glance upon the most recent trends of the Nikah dresses then they're truly easy and not abundant serious adorned out. Nikah dresses square measure have kinds of latest trends like the ladies will build the selection of sporting easy shalwar tunic similarly that's side up with the gildings similarly. Most of the brides favor sporting white shalwar tunic similarly that seems dead set be gorgeous and chic searching for the eyes. additionally long frocks and anarkali dresses square measure even referred to as one in all the best decisions for the Nikah dresses.

See below latest awesome photoshot of dresses for Nikah event 2014 for ladies.
Suitable For: Nikah Trends
Special For: Ladies

2014 Nikah Trends Dresses For Women

Here are new collection of jewellery for girls. Jewellery is an inportant and very nice fashion accessories for girls and for bridals and also for newley married brides as well. Every girl loves to wear stylish designs of jewellery and latest collection of jewellery to enchance their beauty. Jewellery helps too look prety and beautiful and also fulfil the fashion demands.

Bridal Jewellery and Makeup styles for Girls 2013

Hijab Islamic Clothing buckram feature dresses 2013 for women were revealed. Stylish Ceremonious Grouping 2013 by Hijab Islamic Assemblage is a pulchritudinous straddle of formals, motortruck formals and party have consisting of desire shirts and frocks with churidar pants and garment. This grouping of Hijab Islamic Collection semiformal decay indicates her intelligence in union dishy elaboration with stunning cuts. The clothes are all well-heavily embroidered. These all dresses are looking fashionable as the current gushing vogue direction of our country.Abaya and Hijab is most compulasory aspect of Muslim women's.Women are fell very comfortable in Abaya dresses beacause it's full covered the women thats why women are very relex.Islam prefer Hijab for women.

These dresses are mostly wear muslim women in all over the world.In middle east,Muslium countries and specially  Duabi,Iran,Iraq,Pakistan and Sudia Arabia there are many patterns of abayas and hijab dresses are available.These Abaya Dresses Collection 2013 are collected from many online abaya dresses stores from all over the world for women.You can select these dresses for your according to your desire and style.In these Abaya Dresses some are simple and some are embroidered work used on these dresses which are perfect for muslium women.

Some abyas are very heavy beacause on these dresses heavy work used on front and around neckline and on shoulder as well as on arms.Every counrty has its own designs,styles,Patterns and trends.Abyas has also their styles and trends according to the desire of women's.Some abyas are simple for casual wear and some are embroidered work which are best for formal wear and party wear in muslium countries and gulf countries also.In pakistan young girls are like to wear abyas dresses now beacause its need of this time.Abyas has also fashion in this time beacause its modren era.   

  • Designer:Hijab Islamic Clothing
  • Season:Winter
  • Best For:Women

Hijab Islamic Clothing Formal Collection For Women

Afzal Jewelers a uncomparable and beautiful eye-catching jewels supported in Lahore, Pakistan. Afzal Jewelers legitimate itself since the segmentation of the subcontinent. Afzal Jewelers woman Matha Patti in slow yellow end decorated with bikaneri pachi kundan with asphaltic stones cubic zircons, iolite, pearls Grouping new last styles 2013 for additionally ladies & girls ceremony and party delapidate fashion jewellery. So this rite jewellery collection 2013 by Afzal Jewellers is untold eye discovery and mythic for the current women who enjoy to outwear dear jewellery sets at the functions.

The most big happening is to buy a ceremony embellish and then its same jewelery.This new jewellery designs grouping new trendy designs 2013 for also girls & women party and compendium 2013 consists Emotional Necklace, Princess Bracelet, Funky rings, earrings, Bangles, Princess tiara, Gilded plated mixture parts embellishment and Elements stones. Especially picked pieces put up together to egest an astonishing & unreal compounding. Have a aspect at last Jewellery designs by Afzal Jewels.

Afzal Jewelers can't punctuation soprano due to regular changes in Golden Toll. For cost and otherwise details please travel or telephony ::

Afzal Jewelers 34 Advert Govern, Leave Marketplace Lahore Pakistan. 
Melody: +92-42-35752933 
OR +92-42-35716333 

Designer:Afzal Jewelers
Best for:Bridals
Models:Ayesha Omer,Eman Ali

Afzal Jewelers Bridal Jewellery Sets Charming Collection

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